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Election Thoughts
October 15, 2012 (08:48 AM)

We are days away from the most critical election of our lifetime. We are not in danger of turning in the wrong direction. We have already been going in the wrong direction for some time. We are in danger, as a republic, of passing the point of no return.

As Christians who live in America we have a grave responsibility before God and to our children to vote for candidates who understand that our nation has been great precisely because it was founded and built on Biblical principles. If we are to continue as a free people, we must elect those who would seek to reinforce that foundation rather than dismantle it.

My friend, David Barton, has given an incredibly clear and powerful explanation of our privilege and responsibility as Christian citizens. Please take 9 minutes to watch this video and please pass it along to every Christian you know.

I have lived long enough to see with my own eyes the dramatic and devastating changes in our nation. And in recent years, the pace of our decline has only accelerated! As we pray for mercy and Revival, according to II Chronicles 7:14, we must also be faithful to vote and to encourage our brothers and sisters to vote true Biblical principles. We must each declare God's truth from the platform He has given us.

Let me be clear: God is not a Republican and Republicans do not always honor God. I am not endorsing the personal beliefs of any candidate. As a Christian, you may feel that there is no perfect choice. That may be true, but please consider that in an election this close, if those who stand for righteous principles stay home, we are choosing to allow the reigns of government to remain in the hands of those who have stood against righteous principles on our behalf.

If you watched any of the coverage of the national political conventions this summer, you saw imperfect Republicans repeatedly reaffirm America's reliance on God. The following week, in their convention and in their platform, the Democratic Party blatantly deepened their formal commitment to disregarding and dishonoring God along with the laws He has given for our good.

I understand that many Christians have been long-time Democrats. But as Ronald Reagan, who was once a Democrat, famously said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left me." The Democratic Party has made its stand. When we are forced to choose, we must choose God over friends, family, and yes, even political parties.

The Bible tells us that any nation denying the authority of God should not expect His blessing and is, in fact, inviting judgment. The irony is that if we continue in the foolish and arrogant decisions our leaders have been making, apart from godly wisdom, we will be harshly judged by the laws of nature, and nature's God will not need to lift a finger.

Since freedom truly does come from God, it will not long endure in a nation that has turned its back on Him. If we kneel together and stand together, I believe that those of us who would honor God are still numerous enough to turn the tide. If we are going to stand, this is the moment.

"…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32 ESV).

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