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November 10, 2008 (02:47 PM)

For more than twenty years I have had a growing passion for Christian education, which has naturally become more focused and refined since I became a mother. My husband Jack and I are firmly committed to a Christ-centered education for our son. At this point, that is happening through homeschooling. Our long-term plan is to simply be listening and obedient as the years progress.

Our thinking in this area has been informed by prayer and scripture, personal conversations, news reports, and numerous authors and speakers, including David Barton. He and his associates have accumulated a treasury of research on the Christian heritage and current state of public education in America. If you have the chance, I highly recommend that you hear David Barton in person. His materials on education and government are also available at (Check out "Four Centuries of American Education"--book and DVD.)

Another wonderful source of information and encouragement for us has been "Homeschooling Today" magazine. Whether or not you homeschool, this magazine is a wonderful resource for Christian families. For example, I recently ordered a book on manners for little boys after reading a review in "Homeschooling Today". For more information click on

Recent statistics have played a role in convincing me that a Christ-centered education is vitally important at the college level just as it is for children. I know that for many Christian families a major dilemma has been the relatively high cost of many private Christian colleges when compared with tax supported state schools.

ECCLESIA COLLEGE combines affordability with a quality Christian education. An interdenominational, Christian liberal arts college, located in Springdale, Arkansas, Ecclesia emphasizes a strong Biblical foundation, godly mentoring and Christian service. For more information click on

May God bless you and give His clear direction for the children and young people He has trusted to your home.
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